Etiquette around Assistance Dog teams


img_2274Do not distract an Assistance Dog

Don’t touch the dog without asking, and receiving, permission.

Don’t be offended if told no.

No staring, making kissy noises or calling.

Do not separate Assistance Dog and handler.

Don’t feed the dog.

Don’t give commands, this is the handlers/trainers job.

Do not ask about the handlers disability, this is private.

Don’t be offended if someone doesn’t want to chat about their dog.

Do not refuse entry to any area of public where an individual would otherwise be allowed to enter.

Under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld),

it is unlawful to discriminate by refusing entry

or access to a public place because a person

relies on a guide, hearing or assistance dog.

Please be respectful.

Speak to the handler first.

Keep in mind that the dog has a special job to do.

Know that the dog loves its work and is well treated.

Remember the dog is highly trained.

Do teach others that the dog is working.

Be aware that guide, hearing and assistance dogs are allowed in public places.

Remember, a guide, hearing or assistance dog can be almost any breed.

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